Posing as a waitress at an office party, redhead Nicky Bennett catches Ryker's eye and is invited to join him in celebrating the release of his new synthetic blood drink, Red. What he doesn't know is that she's a vampire princess with a mission - to thank him, in any way, for a job well done. Will the enigmatic wizard survive her wily seduction, or will he turn the tables on her and give her the ride of a lifetime?  

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Kane Flannery has to be one of the sexiest men alive, despite the fact he teaches history at the local college. He's caught the eye of Sadie Bennett, who is more than your average student. When she asks for extra credit to raise her "F" to a "D", she's a little shocked and immensely turned on by the project she's assigned. Always aiming to please, she just might get that "A" after all. 

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 When rock sensation Cherry Red is disrespected by a roadie, she decides to teach him a lesson. Pretending to be someone else, she entices the roadie into what she believes will be a one night stand. In the end, she's not sure who is more surprised by her little deception, her or the man who can turn her on more than anyone else.
* story contains spanking & anal sex

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Clarice may not be able to consume chocolate since becoming a vampire princess, but she can still enjoy the smell - not to mention the scenery since The Sweet Spot has one hunky guy behind the counter each day. Never quite brave enough to introduce herself, the owner, Daniel, decides to take matters into his own hands.
* warning, sex involves chocolate syrup, whipped cream & other yummy treats 

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Carly and Jake are off on an expedition together, even though he'd prefer it if she had stayed home. But when they're stranded in a cave together, things get really hot, really fast. 

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 Moana Lott has a lucrative business called Party Favors that Suck. As a vampire, she tends to scare some men, yet they come crawling to her anyway. Sex parties are definitely more interesting when the female participants are vampires.

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 Sienna Blake has issues with her body, mostly that there's just too much of it, and she hasn't had a date in forever. To make matters worse, she has a crush on the most perfect, most gorgeous man alive, Logan Drake. As if someone like him would ever take a second look at Sienna!

Logan Drake may show up to PR events with a model on his arm, but he's grown tired of the stick thin women who constantly complain about their weight. He wants a real woman! Someone he can take out to eat and she'll actually order a meal instead of a small salad and a glass of water. When fate throws Sienna Blake into his path, he thinks he's finally found someone worth dating.

When Sienna and Logan get together, the sparks begin to fly. Just looking at Logan makes Sienna want to do naughty things to him. Never has she had such lascivious thoughts about a man before, but one look at Logan and she beings to drool.

When Lissa travels to Georgia to stay in an antebellum
plantation home, she doesn’t count on sharing it with a
ghost. But this ghostly man makess her feel more than
anyone has in a long time. Knowing she can’t have a
relationship with him, she dates the first man who comes
along, thinking she may have found a winner. But Jared
isn’t the sweet, caring guys he first appears to be.

Jesse has been dead for almost one hundred years. In all of
his time on earth, both living and spectral, he has never met
anyone like Lissa. If he had a heart, it would have stopped
beating the moment he saw her. Why couldn’t this beautiful,
talented woman have come along while he was still alive?
Jesse would love nothing more than to take Lissa into his
arms and kiss her senseless.

When Jared finds out Lissa is a spell casting witch, will he
still stand by her side? Or will he push Lissa away, moving
her towards the impossible – finding a way for her and
Jesse to be together.  

$3.99 download

Kara has maintained an organized, mundane life - just the way she likes it. But when she finds an extraordinary statue, something amazing happens to her. Was the demon lover who gave her the most intense orgasm of her life real? Or was it only her imagination? 
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